Group Volunteers

December 2019

For the month of December, we will be showing our gratitude for the dedicated people that support our organization throughout the year. We have highlighted our steadfast weekly volunteers who make sure Hope Scarves are selected and mailed each week. We now focus on the many groups and organizations who attend our monthly nighttime “Sips and Scarves,” as well as Employees at businesses who have invited us for a Day of Service. Our final entry will feature our Friends of Hope Scarves committee members who launch our annual event, Colors of Courage, and our Board who help steer and support. We thank you all! 

Sips and Scarves + Corporate Volunteers

Sips and Scarves began when Lara’s friends would visit her in-home office to help package up Hope Scarves, often with toddlers in tow. Today, Sips and Scarves events are a bit more formal. Hosted monthly in the Hope Scarves studio, they offer a fun and intimate gathering of service for local groups of 10-12 people. Each event helps prepare an average of 75-100 Hope Scarves for our program.

In recent years, we have begun to host Corporate Volunteer events, which connect us to a a larger community (in and out of town). We are invited to engage employees in on-site service projects. The settings have ranged from large conferences to small office gatherings, always offering a unique experience for all. All of our larger group volunteers are an essential part of our programming efforts. These friendly groups help us wrap Hope Scarves in larger quantities for sharing with our many partnership locations in Louisville and across the country. We couldn’t do this without them!  Here are some thoughts from our Group Volunteers:

From Julia, Junior League Volunteer:

“Hope Scarves has enabled interconnectedness among individuals to a community of fighters that have gone down a similar road. [This is] A journey that friends and family might not understand because they’ve never faced cancer before, even if they’re supportive.” 

Christina shared: “Cancer so often affects many around us when we least expect it. It has been a pleasure to assist Hope Scarves in sharing women’s stories and scarves that hopefully bring a bit of happiness and courage to someone’s life during a darker time.”

I enjoy volunteering with Hope Scarveswrote Laura,Because even from the first time I volunteered I was able to hear stories not only from right here in Louisville, but from around the country and the world. They welcome each volunteer with open arms and make them feel like a part of the team regardless if it’s your first time or 100th time. Lara, the Founder, is involved and not just a face of an organization.

My hope is each woman receiving a scarf is reminded that someone is supporting them. I volunteer to help provide that opportunity to allow more women to feel that support and encouragement.” –Andrea

KaiLee reflected on the impact of Hope Scarves:I think the work with Hope Scarves is so important because hair loss of any kind for women can be so personal. By volunteering and providing beautiful scarves to women, I hope that it helps them continue to feel beautiful in their own skin.

If you would like to host a group volunteering event with Hope Scarves, email for more information.