Board of Directors & Friends of Hope Scarves

For the month of December, we wanted to show our gratitude for the dedicated people that support our organization throughout the year. We have highlighted our steadfast weekly volunteers who make sure Hope Scarves are selected and mailed each week, and we focused on the many groups and organizations who attend our monthly nighttime “Sips and Scarves” as well as Employees at businesses who have invited us for a Day of Service. Finally, we would like to honor our Friends of Hope Scarves committee members who launch our annual event, Colors of Courage, and our Board who help steer and support. We thank you all! 

Hope Scarves Board & Friends of Hope Scarves

Board of Directors 

As a nonprofit organization, a committed and engaged Board of Directors is essential to successfully fulfilling our mission. At Hope Scarves, our Board goes far beyond governing – they engage in a storytelling workshops, volunteer at Hope Scarves events, enhance our connection to the Louisville community, and bring countless others into the Hope Scarves family as scarf recipients, donors, volunteers, sponsors, and friends. In 2020, our Board will be tasked with dreaming about our future as we start strategic planning. We’re grateful for their visionary leadership as we turn big possibilities into goals and goals into action.


Friends of Hope Scarves

Everyone wants a team they know they can count on- the Friends of Hope Scarves are the volunteers we call when we need a skilled team planning larger projects like Colors of Courage and smaller events like Bites and Bubbles. They have dedicated countless hours to making sure every detail of each event is planned and executed to perfection, taking on each task with camaraderie and a smile. Most of the individuals serving as Friends of Hope Scarves have spent years volunteering with our organization, and they never hesitate to share their passion for Hope Scarves within the community.

Thank you again to all our volunteers.

We’re grateful you’ve shared your

time, stories, talents, and hearts with us. 

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