About Hope Scarves

Founder, Lara MacGregor, with first scarf recipient, Roberta, in 2009. Diagnosed in their early 30’s with stage 2 breast cancer, both women progressed to metastatic, stage 4 breast cancer in their 40’s.  Both Lara and Roberta passed away. This is unacceptable.

Hope Scarves is an international non-profit organization based in Louisville, Kentucky. Our mission is to support people facing cancer through scarves, stories, and research.  Since our founding in 2012, we’ve grown exponentially and have affectionately become known as “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Scarves.”

We collect scarves from around the world and stories from cancer survivors and pair them together to spread hope to others in treatment.  They are the tangible reminders there is light in the world.  They are our “now.”

In addition to scarves and stories, Hope Scarves has established a Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Fund to support cutting edge researchers and clinical trials around the country.  The research is the push for change, and it is our “future.”  Research is key for improved treatment options and outcomes.