Hope Scarves Weekly Volunteers

December 2019

For the month of December, we will be showing our gratitude for the dedicated people that support our organization throughout the year. This includes our steadfast weekly volunteers who make sure Hope Scarves are selected and mailed each week, groups who attend our monthly nighttime “Sips and Scarves,” the Employees at businesses who have invited us for a day of service, our Friends of Hope Scarves committee members who launch our annual event, Colors of Courage, and finally our Board who help steer and support. We thank you all! 

Weekly Volunteers

Our weekly (daytime) volunteers spend time helping us select and mail our on-line requests, pack up scarves for our partnership locations, type story donations and sort and tag scarf donations. They do a lot!  Bringing laughter and love to our office, these ladies help carry our program forward.  Here are a few of their thoughts:

Here’s Robin, on what brought her to volunteer with Hope Scarves: 

“My mom passed away from MBC. I was drawn to this organization so that I could help others in battling similar conditions. I have a very close friend who has been living with MBC for over 20 years; she’s an inspiration to many. Every time I leave Hope Scarves I feel uplifted knowing how many lives we touch/support.”

We asked Ann to describe how Hope Scarves makes a difference in people’s lives.  She said:

“It can turn a frown upside down, even if just for a few moments.   It lets them know someone unknown to them cares.”

Ann shared how Hope Scarves has impacted her: 

“Lara’s story opened my eyes to Metastatic cancers. I knew what it meant, but did not realize the low level of funding being directed to it. Recently, a close friend had to have breast surgery. Hope Scarves friends have been very helpful telling me where and what is available for prosthetics and support.”

A group of friends volunteered with us in honor of a friend lost to cancer. One of them, Bonnie, offered what she liked most about volunteering: 

“I enjoyed learning more about the process. It was impactful to read the [hope scarf] stories or learn about the people who need the scarves. …but the process was not challenging at all, and the staff made it super easy and fun!”

If you are in the Louisville area and would like to learn more about volunteering during the week, click here. We would love to meet you!