Tammi – Texas

This year, we will begin featuring stories from our collection as our monthly Faces of Hope. These stories show the common experience shared by people facing cancer, but they also illustrate the highly personal nature of storytelling, reflecting the unique thoughts, feelings, and language of their authors. By sharing these stories here, we hope their words will be an additional source of strength for our scarf recipients, help friends and supporters better understand what it’s like to hear, “you have cancer,” and be a source of inspiration for all who read them.

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Tammi – Texas

Tammi was diagnosed with Cervical Cancer at age 39, and even though her story was recently submitted it has already been attached to 6 scarves. Thank you for sharing your story, strength, and hope with others, Tammi!

Tell us a little about your diagnosis and what brought you hope during your treatment.

On February 26th 2019, I was given a diagnosis of endometrial adenocarcinoma. When I applied for Medicaid, they told me I did not have the right type of cancer to get the Medicaid (there is a breast and cervical cancer Medicaid.) I applied for Social  Security hoping and praying to get approved for the medical part most importantly. Then in June, I started having so much pain, I was going to the emergency room every four to seven days for pain medication refills basically and they would treat the immediate pain. Then in September, I decided to drive two hours to MD Anderson in Houston, Texas. I went to their emergency room and they were so quick and kind hearted. I was – and still am- amazed at everyone’s level of care that they showed to me. They admitted me to get my pain under control, and they finally did the cervical biopsy that I needed so badly. They also did a CT scan, MRI, pet scan, blood work, and they found that I have a pelvic mass. They called it “malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri” … so I asked what my primary cancer is since I have endometrial cancer, they said I have Stage 3B cervical cancer. Also the mass has grown to block my urethra, so I had get a nephrostomy tube inserted in my right kidney. That is where things stand right now. I do have a few people helping me at this point, so I kind of see a light at the end of this tunnel.

What was the hardest part?

I have found it difficult feeling the frustration of just knowing I have cancer and it seems like no one wants to help. I’m still struggling and fighting to get insurance.

Please share any thoughts or words of encouragement for another woman going through treatment.

I know how it feels to sit alone in silence with the thought that most of us facing cancer may have: “Am I going to die or am I going to beat this?” It’s hard, but cry when you need to, yell when you need to and don’t be afraid to talk about what you are feeling. It’s ok to be scared, but never give up! You have to fight for yourself you have to fight for the people who love you! You can do this.

Board of Directors & Friends of Hope Scarves

For the month of December, we wanted to show our gratitude for the dedicated people that support our organization throughout the year. We have highlighted our steadfast weekly volunteers who make sure Hope Scarves are selected and mailed each week, and we focused on the many groups and organizations who attend our monthly nighttime “Sips and Scarves” as well as Employees at businesses who have invited us for a Day of Service. Finally, we would like to honor our Friends of Hope Scarves committee members who launch our annual event, Colors of Courage, and our Board who help steer and support. We thank you all! 

Hope Scarves Board & Friends of Hope Scarves

Board of Directors 

As a nonprofit organization, a committed and engaged Board of Directors is essential to successfully fulfilling our mission. At Hope Scarves, our Board goes far beyond governing – they engage in a storytelling workshops, volunteer at Hope Scarves events, enhance our connection to the Louisville community, and bring countless others into the Hope Scarves family as scarf recipients, donors, volunteers, sponsors, and friends. In 2020, our Board will be tasked with dreaming about our future as we start strategic planning. We’re grateful for their visionary leadership as we turn big possibilities into goals and goals into action.


Friends of Hope Scarves

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Thank you again to all our volunteers.

We’re grateful you’ve shared your

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Brittney – Anchorage, AK

Brittany was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at 31, just a few days after the arrival of her newborn son. Facing motherhood and cancer simultaneously can be the reality of many women in treatment, and she handles it with strength and grace. Thank you for finding us, Brittany!