Donate Scarves

Any scarf can be a Hope Scarf once it’s been paired with a story! We accept scarves that were worn during treatment as well as those that weren’t- anyone or any organization can donate scarves.  Please review our guidelines before sending.

Scarf Donations

Scarf Donation Guidelines

Yes, please:

  • 30” or larger square; or if oblong, 17″ wide
  • Pre-sewn (example)
  • Lightweight infinity scarves
  • Tube scarves (e.g. BUFF® brands)
  • Note: smaller decorative scarves may be repurposed into some of our projects, so go ahead and send.

No, thank you:

  • Winter and knit scarves
  • Hats
  • Accessories like clips, belts or gloves

Don’t worry about cleaning or ironing your scarf donation. Once received, each scarf is professionally cleaned in preparation for its journey.

Send scarves to:

Hope Scarves
141 N. Sherrin Avenue
Suite #101
Louisville, KY 40207

Mailing Label:

Pre-paid mailing label

No printer? No problem. Email Hope Scarves to request a pre-paid label, or check the box below.

Reach out with any questions to

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