Donate Scarves

We accept scarves that were worn during treatment as well as those that were not. Community scarves that weren’t worn during treatment will be paired with a story and start their journey as a Hope Scarf. To avoid costs sending scarves that may not work, please review our guidelines before sending.

Idea size and styles for a Hope Scarf:

  • 30” or larger square; or if oblong, 17″ wide
  • Pre-sewn (like these)
  • Lightweight infinity scarves
  • Tube scarves (e.g. BUFF® brands)
  • Note: smaller decorative scarves may be repurposed into some of our projects, so go ahead and send.

Donations that are not useful to our program: Winter and knit scarves, hats, and accessories like clips, belts or gloves.

Once received, each scarf is professionally cleaned by Highland Cleaners in preparation for its journey. So, don’t worry about cleaning or ironing. Feel free to reach out with any question to

Send scarves to

Hope Scarves
141 N. Sherrin Avenue
Suite #101
Louisville, KY 40207

If you would like a printable pre-paid mailing label please click here.

If you do not have print capabilities but would like a pre-paid label please email Erica.

Mary Lynn – Bardstown, KY

Mary Lynn is a bright spark. Diagnosed in 2016 with Endometrial Adenocarcinoma, she shortly thereafter received a Hope Scarf. She then honored us by donating her story and more scarves to our program. We are so happy to share a little about this special bluegrass lady! 

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