Colors of Courage 2022

Mark your calendars for our 11th annual Colors of Courage – September 23, 2022

For 11 years we have shared stories of perseverance, love and community through Colors of Courage. Lara always said, “Dance like nobody’s watching.”  This year, we are living like Lara, as raise money for an important mission and as we dance the night away!

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L’Oréal Paris – Women of Worth

2021 National Honoree – Lara MacGregor

Our founder, Lara MacGregor, was named the 2021 L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth National Honoree – acknowledging her work to start and lead Hope Scarves.

Hope Scarves Founder, Lara MacGregor, featured on Good Morning America.

In loving memory of our founder, Lara MacGregor


Our founder, Lara MacGregor, passed away on January 18, 2022 at the age of 45.  Hope Scarves will keep her legacy alive by supporting people facing cancer through scarves, stories, and research.

About Hope Scarves

We encourage people facing all types of cancer by sending out scarves and stories of hope that have been shared with us by thousands of courageous survivors.  Our mission also extends to support research – a portion of every dollar raised funds metastatic breast cancer research. Through connection & collaboration, we’re changing the way people experience cancer.

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Katie – Terminally Joyful

Katie lives her life through a joy lens.  Not because her life is perfect.  But because it is fragile and precious.  As a metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patient she lives with immense uncertainty and the prospect of never ending treatments. Yet she isn’t letting this drag her into darkness.  She chooses to live her life […]

Hope Scarves Founder, Lara MacGregor launched My Hopeful Life as an extension of Hope Scarves in 2020.  This initiative, rooted in her personal story, started with her widely followed blog, My Hopeful Life.  And now includes a film, podcast, and one day, a book.   Living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer gave Lara a unique perspective on facing uncertainty, grounding oneself in gratitude and embracing each day.  Her vision & dedication to Hope Scarves was a powerful force for good in the world.