Kim – Kentucky

Nothing about cancer is ‘easy’ or ‘typical.’ A report or doctor might say that, but when it’s your body, it’s personal. It’s everything.”

Kim Landrom, of Louisville, Kentucky knows that all too well. When she had an ovarian cancer scare that turned out to be “only” endometriosis, she was relieved. Until, in the same phone call, she heard a “But…..” from the doctor, who then informed her she had two malignant breast lumps and a malignant lymph node. She was told it was an “easy case” but something told her to push further. She moved her treatment to the James Graham Brown Cancer Center, had a mastectomy, and started radiation. However, soon she learned that cancer was in more lymph nodes, and she started five months of chemo.

“My head was spinning,” says Kim. “I knew then my life just changed. Cancer made it real.” She reached out to Lara MacGregor for support and received her first Hope Scarf. “You don’t understand what it’s like to live with cancer until you experience it,” Kim says. “I am blessed to have an army of support along with friends from Hope Scarves. The connection is amazing.”

“I have accepted my new life and live in the most positive way possible,” Kim adds, “but, there’s no way past it that cancer just sucks.”

Cancer during COVID-19 is equally difficult. The isolation. The fear. The unknown. “I never felt cancer would kill me, but then you throw in the uncertainty around COVID-19,” she says. “You can’t push the limits of cancer and COVID. You have to trust in the nurses and doctors and heal as you can.”

“I have so many people helping me navigate this new life, and I focus on kindness,” Kim says. “When I’m on the other side of treatment, I hope I can be that same support for others.” 

Successful treatment isn’t the end of the road for Kim. “The breast cancer world is so focused on “beating” cancer, but there are no promises,” she says. “In 10 years, I might have MBC. I know I am never truly cancer free. Way too many people die from MBC. You can’t beat MBC without research. It could affect me. It could affect you. MBC needs a cure. I want to help fund and find a cure for MBC,” she says.

“Your research dollars could save my life. That is what hope is all about.” 


Help remind Kim and thousands more facing cancer that Hope Isn’t Canceled by sponsoring a Hope Scarf for $30/month as part of our Hope Isn’t Canceled Sustainability Campaign.  Our goal is to send 400 Hope Scarves each month – please join us!




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