Volunteers – we love ’em!

Host a Scarf and Story Drive

We have thousands of requests for Hope Scarves and we want to fulfill them all.  Scarf and Story Drives help us maintain our collection. While stories come from people facing cancer, scarves can be from anyone wanting to support our organization’s mission.

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Download Our Scarf & Story Drive Toolkit

Become an Ambassador

Represent Hope Scarves and promote our program in your community! Host a Scarf and Story Drive, distribute promotional material to doctor’s offices, connect with scarf recipients in your community and much more. This program allows Hope Scarves to reach more people and expand around the world.

Download an Ambassador Toolkit or email our Partnership Director to find out more about the Ambassador Program.



Individuals:  Daytime

Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday:  10am – 12noon

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With lots of laughter, volunteers help sort, package, and distribute scarves or pitch in on other projects.

Groups:  Monthly


Sign up here.

We welcome groups of 6 to 10 people once a month. Your group will package scarves we send to hospitals around the country as part of Hope Scarves’ partnership program.  If you don’t see the time frame you need, please email Katie to make arrangements.

If you have questions or are interested in learning about other ways to support Hope Scarves as a volunteer, please fill out the form below.  We’re grateful for your help!

Maggie- Ohio

This year, we will begin featuring stories from our collection as our monthly Faces of Hope. These stories show the common experience shared by people facing cancer, but they also illustrate the highly personal nature of storytelling, reflecting the unique thoughts, feelings, and language of their authors. By sharing these stories here, we hope their […]

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