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cancer does not win

We are having an amazing spring break adventure together as a family. We returned for the 4th year in a row to Hawks Cay resort in Florida keys. This place holds so many great memories, experiences and firsts for all of us. This year is no different- jay caught his first tarpon (45 minute fight- […]

one day at a time

Things are continuing to go well for us. My body is getting stronger each day and my heart and spirit too. We planted a “smoothie garden” over the weekend with all the yummy things we put in our morning smoothie- kale, spinach, etc… (Then it snowed- but I think the plants made it!) I went […]

sweet silly moments

I’ve been doing this week on my own because Jay had to fly to Finland for a couple days. (just like the good ol’ days!) It has been really nice to just “do” life- make breakfast, ask the boys 5 times to brush their teeth, clean up puppy puddles, pack lunch boxes, etc… These are […]

Easy being green

Today as i hustled out the door to get the boys to school I spilled my entire “green machine” smoothie all over myself, car, computer bag, etc… This would have really irked me a couple months ago. But, this morning it made me laugh out loud. I am living my life- one fabulous messy day […]

the beauty of each day

Just wanted to send a quick update to let those who care about us know how things are going.   I am putting together a team of people to help me become as strong as I can to fight this disease- oncologist, nutritionist, counselor, energy work, yoga instructor.  We are changing our diet to be […]