Easy being green

Today as i hustled out the door to get the boys to school I spilled my entire “green machine” smoothie all53225488ca16b4c052ff46b1 over myself, car, computer bag, etc… This would have really irked me a couple months ago. But, this morning it made me laugh out loud. I am living my life- one fabulous messy day at a time. It’s not easy to
face this new diagnosis. I am scared of the unknown. I yearn for the easy laughter and carefree joy I see in other people. But I am figuring out how to live within this new reality. I am loving each day, each breath and each hug. I’m even loving the sloppy green slime in my cup holders. I particularly loved when I was about to walk Bennett into kindergarten and he said, “mommy- do you think you can take off that gross sweatshirt.” “Sure babe” I said and took his hand with a smile. Love to you and joy… one fabulous messy day at a time. Lara

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