cancer does not win

We are having an amazing spring break adventure together as a family. We returned for the 4th year in a row to Hawks Cay resort in Florida keys. This place holds so many great memories, experiences and firsts for all of us. This year is no different- jay caught his first tarpon (45 minute fight- in and out of the bridges, 150 lbs!) Wills caught an elusive hog fish and conquered his fears as he swung on the rope swing into the ocean at our favorite kayak spot, I jumped 4′ waves in the ocean on a jet ski (with crying wills clinging to my back begging me to stop! Ya, right!) and Bennett enlightened us all with the fact that, “every hour is happy hour here.”

It has also been hard to be in such a happy carefree place when our current circumstances seem anything533c5e97af3d79d0313e53cc but this. I can’t help but watch all the families enjoying such happy ease. Thinking about how our life has changed and how badly I wished for these happier times.

But then I look around and think – we are living the same life. I feel great, the boys couldn’t be happier, jay and I have an even deeper love having again faced the beast that is cancer.

Cancer does not win. I am taking back my vacation, my life and OUR future. I refuse to lose another day of this amazing life with our amazing family being a scared cancer victim. I am a cancer survivor- as I have been for the past 7 years. It is a part of who I am. (But Hopefully my April PET scan will show it isn’t a part of any new spots on my bones) But, it is only a PART of who I am. I am more than cancer. I have big plans with my 3 boys and I intend to be back here to the Florida keys many times.

Right now I have to put some squid on a hook and catch some dinner. One day at a glorious, palm tree swaying time.

It’s “happy hour”

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