the beauty of each day

Just wanted to send a quick update to let those who care about us know how things are going.   I am putting together a team of people to help me become as strong as I can to fight this disease- oncologist, nutritionist, counselor, energy work, yoga instructor.  We are changing our diet to be more plant based (organic), low sugar and as natural as possible… which is harder than you would think.

531d247faf3d79484909a470I believe I can fight this.  That I have a lot of living left to do.   I am slowing down my day and taking time to breath.  I’m taking time each day to quietly be by myself and focus my body, mind and spirit on being strong and fighting this disease.

I am also laughing again and spending time with our family and friends.  Tomorrow, I am going to drive the kids to school… something I took for granted 2 months ago.  But, will lovingly be grateful for tomorrow.

Thank you to everyone who drops off meals, calls, texts, sends cards and gifts.  It means a lot to our family to have your help.

As I live each day to the fullest – I hope you will do the same.  Each day is a gift – embrace the ones you love, feel the strength in your body, let go of judgement and negativity, laugh with friends and be true to yourself.  Just a couple things I am doing ….

with hope,

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