Hope Scarves donates $50,000 to research!

Hope comes in many forms.  At Hope Scarves we share hope as scarves & stories.  Over 3,000 sent around the world… And, now we have expanded to RESEARCH!

566f1fa1a589b49e7f715ac0Thanks to the overwhelming support of donors (like you!) we made our first donation to the University of Louisville Clinical and Translational Science Institute on Tuesday, December 10th.  100% of our gift goes directly to Dr. Yoannis Fernandez-Imbert and the work she is doing to understand the role of glucose metabolism and Metastatic Breast Cancer. She and her team are working to determine the effects of simultaneous suppression of estrogen signaling and a key metabolic enzyme known as PFKFB3 on sugar metabolism, growth and survival of metastatic breast cancer.  This research has real world potential to change patient care in the near future.

I am pationately dedicated to ensuring our donations support tranlational studies that can go from the research bench to bedside, creating better treatment options for people like me living with this disease.  This gift to UofL is just the beginning.  I am working with other organizations who share my vision to increase support for translational metastic breast cancer research and plan to collaboratively make an even bigger impact in the future.  Stay tuned!

A portion of each dollar Hope Scarves raises goes to translational research.  Or, you can give directly to the Metastatic Breast Cancer Research Fund.  (Shameless plug!  No pressure… just sayin…) Thank you to our friends who supported Hope Scarves to make this possible.  We promise to be good stewards of your gifts and look forward to what we can do together in the future.

I wish you and your families a wonderful, hopeful holiday.  It will be for us, that’s for sure.

With hope,



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