It’s Always Something…

Your holiday safety message–> Use the proper tool for the job.

Last week I attempted to deck the halls by cutting a magnolia with a kitchen knife… and subsequently sliced my thumb.  Through the tendon…  que ER trip, emergency hand surgery and very tight, annoying cast for 3 weeks followed by intense physical therapy…  Yes.  For real!

56683fa2f020655d2980924dAll this lead me to be very frustrated, sad and mad at the world.  You see I have been relaying on the kind help of others for the past two years.  This holiday I was “back!” I was planning parties, decorating, baking.  Coming off a great birthday and so excited for the holidays.  I had gotten to a point in this crazy ride where I was allowing myself to be happy… carefree even,  It felt great!  And then, with a split second and newly sharpened knife… I was broken again.

After tears and being a real B&*ch I am reminding myself… this will heal.  This could happen to anyone… it’s totally life!  Life!!!!  In all it’s frustration, pain, itchy castness. This is what I’m fighting for.  Of course, I’d rather it be joyful and happy.  But even in the frustration and brokeness… I am living.

So, when things don’t go your way.  When you or someone you love slips up.  pause. (allow yourself to scream & cry if you need to) Take a look at the bigger picture and rally for this one, messy, imperfect life.  Hug. laugh… live!

Thumbs up,

(shortest post ever… because I am typing with one hand…)

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