Happy new year!

Since 2014 didn’t get off to a good start for us… I am celebrating the Chinese and lunar New Year. Which 52ec1c18ac7ee9c358e2b1c3starts today! This morning instead of going to radiation at 10am my mom and I went to yoga. As I focused on my breathing i thought of all the people in treatment. The same women and men I saw each morning for the past 3 weeks. I hope they will all be strong and hopeful. With each breath I felt my body pulsing with energy and life. I was sore and not able to do everything, but I was there!  As I found a focus point across the room (trying to not fall over!) this quote was painted on the wall. It seemed pretty fitting all things considered. Happy new year my friends! I know it will be filled with hope and love. Lara

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