Headed to last radiation!

Just about to head out the door to last radiation treatment. I’m feeling better each day but not as great as I52ea62ee8b5cd39265c1cf3d hoped. My doctors tell me to be patient (grrrrr) and that the full effects of radiation are still weeks out. But the sun in shining and I really just want to bundle up and go for a long run! Soon… Soon! I’m taking this little gift to the radiation techs at Norton Hospital. They are the kindest, compassionate, professional people I’ve ever worked with. They are such a big part of someone’s cancer journey- working with you daily, over and over again, and they do their job with such love and care. They also happen to do this great work in the basement of Norton (because of high levels of radiation, etc…) and their hands are COLD! Especially since my treatment was all during the coldest days of the year! They maneuver you on the radiation table and line up your “marks” to be just right for treatment. And theirs hands are freezing. So, I am giving them a bag of hand warmers!! 12 hours of heat- hopefully they can warm up their fingers before each patient! Hopefully I won’t see these kind folks again for radiation. I will certainly always remember their cold hands and warm hearts. With hope, Lara

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