Celebrating life

I just wanted to share that as the day went on today I felt a greater and greater sense of relief and joy in the positive news we received about my PET scan.

I am settling into this new reality and realizing although I would much rather give it all back and be a stage 2 breast cancer survivor or better yet never have experienced cancer at all – this is my life. I have cancer. And, today I have LESS!

Today I looked through a Facebook album of a fellow survivor called angels- made up of beautiful women who have died from cancer. Most of them young, smiling women. These women have traveled this same path and fought to survive, yearned for more time with their children, parents, friends. That is exactly what I have right now. A good scan and time to enjoy my life.

Then, my oncologist from Alabama called me. The same man who held my trembling hand as I started chemo pregnant with Bennett in 2007. And together we celebrated my good news. And he reminded me of how far I’ve come. Our family has been through so much and we will be through so much more. But today, we will celebrate and give thanks.

The best part of today was telling wills and Bennett. They were relieved and happy and our big family bear hug was amazing.

Thank you to everyone who has shared their support and excitement. It is a day to celebrate life, cherish loved ones, hug friends and hope!

always hope

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