Tell me a story.

We each have a story to tell.

Our experiences are worthy of being preserved.  The lessons we learn are valuable to others who walk a similar path.  And, in telling, we heal.

Hope Scarves has collected and shared nearly 1,000 STORIES with people facing cancer.  Each Hope Scarf we send comes with a survivor STORY, scarf tying instructions and information about our sisterhood of the traveling scarves.

We send about 50 Hope Scarves a week around the world- through personal requests, gift requests and our partnership program where Hope Scarves are shared through hospitals and cancer support organizations.   In order to keep up with our growth we have to collect hundreds of scarves & STORIES monthly.

To focus on the STORY side of the Hope Scarf, we are hosting our first STORY-thon on Wednesday, April 18th from 10am-4pm EST.  This creative event is in partnership with Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer’s Week of Service.    And, we need your help!

If you are a cancer survivor and haven’t shared your story with Hope Scarves yet, won’t you please consider taking 10-15 minutes to do so on Wednesday?  We know telling your cancer story is hard.  So we’ve taken thoughtful steps to make participating in the STORY-thon easier.

There are three ways to get involved:

  1. Sign up for a volunteer to call you for a 10-15 minute interview.
  2. Answer three questions on our webite using our online story form
  3. Stop by the Hope Scarves office at 141 N. Sherrin Ave in Louisville

If you have a scarf to donate please let us know when you share your story.

If you know someone who has faced cancer please spread the word about the STORY-thon and encourage them to share.

The STORY part of our mission is what makes each Hope Scarf so special.  Knowing someone else has faced cancer and is encouraging you creates a special connection between those who donate or receive a Hope Scarf.

For me, writing and telling stories is therapy.  I love to get my emotions out through words.  But, I realize this isn’t the case for everyone.  That’s why we created the STORY-thon… a comforting and convenient way to help you tell your cancer survivor story.

If cancer has rocked your world (as it has mine) please consider sharing your story with Hope Scarves on Wednesday.  A celebration of stories and those who tell them!

Please, tell me a story!


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