Stable Scan!

Stable scan!!!!

The best news you can hope for with stage 4 cancer is a stable scan. That’s what we got today. Feeling relief and joy as we grow in confidence that my body is responding to treatment.

541c6dbfac7ee99e462e68a2Thank you for all your prayers, messages and good juju. We feel an army of people following us and surrounding us with Gods grace as we face these scary times through our journey with cancer.

jay and I went out for breakfast while we waited for the news and then I had two meetings at hope scarves. Now in celebration and I am spending the afternoon planting fall pots. A favorite activity of mine! Might even pop a little veuve clicquot tonight. Most of all I will hug my three boys super tight and be thankful for more happy times ahead.

I hope you will do the same today- hug a loved one, call a friend, hold a door open. Be grateful and celebrate because life is precious.

With hope!

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