Snow Day!

Our sons have just left with friends for different sledding excursions and the house is quiet.  A beautiful time to write as I watch the snow fall outside.  warm tea by my side.
We’ve been dealt some “regular” people blows this week.  Our furnace went out on the coldest day so far this year.   Que new furnace and  $$$
As I was driving home from exercising this morning I realized I had a flat tire.  Snow storm and flat tires don’t mesh.  Que dropping off car at the garage and $$$  Jay is out of town for work – as is our new routine during the week.   So, I’m here on my own shoveling out from Snowstorm Jonas.  Que sore back.

As i was sharing this series of unfortunate events with a friends we all commented on how bad my luck is this week.  But, not really.  You see, all this is so trivial.  It’s so solvable. My feathers haven’t been ruffled one bit.  It’s called perspective.    These things are bummers, sure.  Frustrating inconveniences.  But, fixable.

Cancer doesn’t bring much in the way of positive implications.  But, it sure brings perspective on this snow day.

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