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*The feelings expressed below are those of an individual – Lara MacGregor. Hope Scarves is not a political organization and does not have an affiliation to a political party.  These words are not intended to represent the organization as a whole.*

xmas-card-pic9 years ago today our world changed forever when I heard the words, “Lara, you have breast cancer.”

I was at a salon with 2 year old Wills on my pregnant lap – getting his blond curls trimmed. As tears streamed down my face he placed a pudgy hand on my cheek and asked, “mama, you have a booboo?”

This moment changed our life forever. The past nine years have thankfully been filled with more joy than sadness. More laughter than tears.   When cancer returned to our life 3 years ago I thought our life as we knew it was over… after months of darkness I made a choice. I choose love over sadness. Hope over fear. Light over darkness.

It doesn’t change the fact that I have cancer. But, day in and day out I choose to live my life with hope.

I am always emotional on November 9th. But, I thought today would be a celebration of our future and hope over fear in more ways than one.

Instead I sit in disbelief that our country elected a narcissistic reality tv star as our president. A man who degrades women, mocks disabled people, deplores differences, encourages anger, stokes fear and divides people.   This is who we as a country believe will best lead our country… this is who “reflects us” as a nation… I am numb with disbelief and fear. I have become comfortable with respecting elected officials with different political views than my own… Hello, I have lived in Alabama and Kentucky for the past 13 years. I have really great republican friends!  We have different politcal views. However, I never question their fundamental character.

I have never had to explain to my children that the way the president talks is not an acceptable way to speak to another person.   I have never brought politics into this blog… but I feel so moved today that I had to.  This election isn’t about politics for me so much as it is about respect, honor, responsibility and compassion. And, my deepest hope is that our country will find a way to unify and move forward in a way that celebrates all that is great about America.

As I process the impact this will have on our world I am drawing on the same lessons I’ve learned these past 9 years facing cancer:live-in-the-light

  • Turn inward rather than lash outward. Find peace.
  • Turn heartbreak into something positive
  • Love, respect, be kind
  • Focus on connections and relationships – be good to each other
  • Live in the light, not the darkness

But, first I cry.  I always cry on November 9th.  Then, I find someone to hug and laugh with.

with love and hope, always.


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  1. Susan Rossi
    Susan Rossi says:

    Well said💞You are truly an inspiration to me, I follow your posts like clockwork and have learned so much about cancer through your eyes. Thank you for fighting the battle and winning…..

    • Lara
      Lara says:

      Thank you for your encouragement. This blog is my therapy- how I process what is happening in my life. And a journal for our kids. Knowing it means something to other makes it even more meaningful. Thanks for your comment! Lara

  2. Art Plewka
    Art Plewka says:

    As I struggle along this journey there are occasional moments of clarity. This is one. I remember you talking about the things that cancer strips away. Now I feel the power of a scarf and a story of Hope that helps restore that sense of true self and dignity. Who could teach us men more about this that the women living over Stage Four cancer? I love you.


  3. Jen Campisano
    Jen Campisano says:

    Thank you for your voice. We have a lot of work to do, don’t we? I also think there are a lot of parallels between this election result and being diagnosed with cancer. I don’t have many more words than that yet, but I am reflecting and hoping to find them soon. XOXO


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