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They met every Friday. The oldest is 90. Together they sewed over 200 headcovers for Hope Scarves. But the story starts well before that.

Their machines were donated to the church by a woman who no longer could manage her successful sewing business due to illness. Hartz to Hearts sewing group emerged from Mrs. Hartz thoughtful donation.

Kenny and his family presenting their kickball donations to Lara

A young man started a security company. He had faced adversity in his life and once on a path to success made it a priority to support others facing hard times. Each year he hosts a kickball tournament to support a local charity. He saw Hope Scarves on the news.

The kickball tournament raised $1,500, which in turn allowed for the purchase of hundreds of yards of fabric delivered to the ladies at Simpsonville Methodist church on a sunny Sunday afternoon.

Wilda got the machines humming and the fabric became scarves.

One morning she visited her favorite consignment shop and chatted with the owner about the scarves for sale. Wondering what she did with scarves that didn’t sell Wilda told the owner about an organization she was helping called Hope Scarves. The owner herself was a cancer survivor and was quick to ask how she could donate scarves to support the mission.

“I didn’t mean to eavesdrop” a woman shopping mentioned as she approached Wilda. “But, I have a Hope Scarf.” She told Wilda and others gathered in the small shop how much her Hope Scarf meant to her. “They sent me love when I needed it most,” sharing that her scarf still hangs on her bedroom mirror, a daily reminder of the support that surrounds her as she faces cancer. She dug into her purse and gave Wilda all the cash in her wallet. “Use this to purchase your thread.”

Sewing machines, fabric, thread.

Legacy, resilience, understanding.

Before these scarves even entered our office – they had a story.

Erica so excited to see Wilda’s scarves

Wilda delivered the bags of handmade scarves on Thursday when our office is bustling with volunteers for our weekly scarf mailing day. As we “ooed and aahed” over the handiwork one of our regular volunteers looked up at Wilda. They laughed as they simultaneously recognized each other. Robin had been Wilda’s physical therapist.

Robin and Wilda reconnected



Unable to work full time right now, Robin volunteers regularly for Hope Scarves. She will help package and mail the scarves to others facing cancer.

And so, the story continues.

This holiday take time to appreciate the unique moments in your life. People and experiences weave together to influence your tale. Far more than things. Look around you.  Cherish the connections that create your own personal story. Our story helps us understand where we came from and where we are going…

Our stories connect us, help us find common ground and bring us strength.

May the light and love of the holidays warm your heart and bring you peace.

Live a great story,

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  1. Sue Plewka
    Sue Plewka says:

    Beautiful! Thank you, Lara for telling me that the stories I used to tell when you were little influenced you as you created Hope Scarves. You not only made my day but my life.


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