Hold yourself, and others, sacred

Sipping on green jScreen Shot 2016-07-15 at 11.40.33 AMuice after a yoga class and wanted to take a couple minutes to send a quick update.  In the midst of a lot of sadness around the world & friends facing cancer… I am pausing in a moment of gratitude.  It’s hard, when you know this peace and joy isn’t available to others.  It makes me appreciate peace, safety & health deeply.

Our family has been on an amazing summer adventure.  We camped beneath the magnificent Grand Tetons – rafting, kayaking, fishing, hiking.  We explored Yellowstone -taking in the beauty of the wild – animals, geysers, mountains, valleys and streams.  Day in and day out we laughed in shared excitement for the adventures before us.  Jay and I were just as excited about the way each day unfolded as our sons.  Giddy with happiness.  Tears of joy as we pulled out of our campsite the last time.
Then, we headed to Michigan – where we remain detached from the busy world.  Daily decisions hinge on choices such as climbing dunes or paddle boarding?  fishing or sailing?  No plans, no schedule – each day brings simple joys of just being together.   Tucking the boys into their colorful beds in our cottage, exhausted.  Reading together and listening to the waves.  This is what I want them to remember.   Us. Together.  happy.

Last Friday we had an exciting development with Hope Scarves when a national media outlet called interested in doing a story.   We flipped out with excitement.  But, I couldn’t believe it was going to steal away this precious time.  I would have to go to New York, back to Louisville and not only do the interview, but also prepare with our staff and volunteers for the exciting “aftermath” of a national story.  My goal – since starting Hope Scarves- has always been to be on the Today Show.  But, I couldn’t sacrifice this sacred time with our family.  As much as I wanted to tell the Hope Scarves story, it had to wait.  I kindly asked if they would hold off for a month… ( I still can’t believe that I did this!!!)  They said YES!!  So, stay tuned for an exciting announcement about this coming soon.

In the meantime, I am back to living life with full joy, intention and thanks.   Running in the trails around duck lake, sunset swimming, time with family & friends.  Three years ago, I found myself in Michigan.  After 9 months of fear, sadness and pain facing stage this iv diagnosis.  I found my laugh and peace on the shores of Lake Michigan.  And, I return each year to reflect, relax and soak up the sunshine and lake air. I swim in Lake Michigan every day (even when its frigid cold).  Diving into a crashing wave is one of the most freeing feelings on earth.

As you face today – think about your priorities.  What brings you peace?  How do find childlike joy?  We can’t all jump in waves or run down sand dunes… but we can simplify our days, ground ourselves in the moment right before us.  The hatred in the world is staggering.  Share love.  Be present – with your kids, your friends.  yourself.   This world is a crazy, scary place.  take pause in the peace you can make around you.  Extend a loving, compassionate hand to a friend.  Smile at a stranger.

hold yourself and others sacred.  life is beautiful.

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