Colors of Courage

“There is a lot of love in this yard” said a friend to me Friday night at our Colors of Courage event. The culmination of a lot of hard work (and a very welcome distraction from treatment) came to a point as an amazing event in support of hope scarves and women facing cancer.

The hope scarves event was “the best yet…” A line we have found ourselves saying each of the past 3 years! We had a sell out crowd with over 500 people, most everything we ate and drank was donated- right down to the mint infused makers mark specialty cocktail. The weather was perfect, the music toe tappin and the laughter rang through the trees.

At one point I walked up onto the porch and just stood quietly taking it all in. Thankful to be healthy enough to run around and worry about details like cute paper straws and auction item props. Thankful for 542b4e18cb16b4f10caf696aso many friends and family who traveled from around the US to show their support, thankful that my little idea has become something so many people care about and find important enough to support. Thankful to have friends who spend hours working on this event and even open up their home to make it happen. Thankful for a husband who will do anything for me- from holding my hand during chemo to picking up light towers and bourbon barrels on opposite ends of town. Thankful. Thankful. Thankful.

I am humbled to have so much support and will remember this evening my entire life (hopefully that is a very long time!) I found myself very sad at some points of the evening. Wishing I was as happy as I was at this event last year. Wishing I was as carefree as so many of the smiling faces around me. But, then I just looked around again and realized life is precious. These are the moments that make up our story – none of us truly know where our story will take us. In that moment I was happy, proud, carefree and hopeful.

I continue to feel great! Running, biking, working full time, planning my next adventures. I am so grateful to add Friday night and our Colors of Courage event to my story.

I look forward to the next chapter with hope.

To see pictures from our event please click here:

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