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Hard couple days

It’s been a rough couple days.  The worst yet actually. I think it is a combination of factors – first I was coming off such a high from Atlanta and thinking I was feeling good and getting back on track with life and Hope Scarves. Feeling an enormous about of hope that I was going to […]

pink and powerful

For those that know me… they know I’m not really all about the “pinkness” that comes along with breast cancer. However, this weekend I was tremendously proud of the pinkness.  I was honored to become a “Pink Power Mom” through the KidsII Foundation.  KidsII is the third largest manufacturer of kids gear – bright starts, […]

quick update on appointment today

I’ve gotten several emails and texts checking in on my appointment today.  Just wanted to let everyone know that it went well.  I also had a chance to talk with my Alabama oncologist, Dr. Harvey.  I’ve got a great team helping me fight this!  The side effects I am experiencing from radiation are all appropriate given […]

trying to make lemonade

I’m feeling pretty rotten from the radiation, but I keep reminding myself that means it’s working.  I am exhausted, weak and don’t have much appetite since everything seems to disagree with my stomach (no need for details).   Of course, many mom’s I know are exhausted these days because we seem to be in a never […]