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I’m feeling pretty rotten from the radiation, but I keep reminding myself that means it’s working.  I am exhausted, weak and don’t have much appetite since everything seems to disagree with my stomach (no need for details).   Of course, many mom’s I know are exhausted these days because we seem to be in a never ending routine of snow days.  C’mon mother nature, these children need to learn!!  Today I was determined to not lay on the couch and let the kids wear down the ipad batteries.   So, we played Sorry, read books, played basketball, made valentines and at times it almost felt “normal.”  Thank goodness Jay took them to soccer tonight so I could rest!

This past weekend we had a ball as a family.  My brother and his girlfriend, Lindsay, came down from Chicago, my parents were here and my lifelong childhood best friend Laura came down from Michigan too. (Sad how illness can bring you together.  Get together for happy reasons people. Or no reason at all. Just do it!)  Despite my fatigue we cheered on both the boys in their basketball games (bleachers are much more comfortable with a big pillow).  Bennett’s team was down by 1 at the buzzer.  He threw up a hale mary shot from half court.  Of course it only went 3 feet, but the intensity and effort was great.  Wills’ game came down to the wire too with him shooting two free throws with seconds left to put their team in the lead.   I LOVE these minutes of cheering for them I hope I get to see many more big moments like these.

52f2c58c8b5cd3986883c589Sunday we hosted the “Super Bennett Bowl” to celebrate Bennett’s 6th birthday.  30 kids in our neighborhood park.  It was awesome.  I have always loved birthday parties – so the planning, decorating and being surrounded by friends brought me so much happiness.  I think this one might have been my best yet – even better than Will’s 4th when we had two ponies in our backyard 2 weeks after my mastectomy.   I thrive under pressure!  Ha!!  This family picture was taken right before the big game!

I am anxiously anticipating an appointment tomorrow morning with my oncologist.  We will make a plan for the next step of my treatment including hormone therapy and possible surgery to remove my ovaries.  I am also hoping he will encourage me that the pain I am still feeling is normal and that the radiation is going to keep working until this pain is gone!  Hoping to also know when my next scan will be to see if the cancer is anywhere else.

If the weather and radiation side effects don’t hinder us, we are headed to Atlanta this weekend for me to receive an award.  The Pink Power Mom Foundation selected me to be one of 8 women this year who are being honored for the work they have done as breast cancer survivors to help others.  Hope Scarves will receive a $5000 check (wahoo!) and I get to network with a bunch of really cool moms doing amazing things to help others.  I am so hoping I feel strong enough to make the most of the weekend. I have the perfect outfit from Clodhoppers for the Gala!

As always, thanks for the meals, cards, texts, prayers and so much more!  I can’t respond to them all, but please know I appreciate the ongoing support and feel carried through this journey by your kindness and prayers.

with hope,

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