All we are is what we do

This summer has been amazing. Amazing in a totally normal macgegor Michigan adventure kind of way. We are doing all the things we love to do each summer. Play in Lake Michigan, fish, laugh with Michigan friends and family, bonfires on the beach, sailing, etc…

This last February I never would have thought this possible. Our life was a crumbled heap of broken dreams – all I could think about was how much I loved my life and didn’t want it to end. How I just wanted to be a mom to our kids and laugh and live… But it was so hard. I was crushed with the news of my cancer spreading to my bones. I was paralyzed with the idea that I could live a happy life with a disease that has an average life expectancy of around 2- 3 years.

Yet- here I sit. Warm sun on my face. Life is different. I am not the same carefree person here last summer. How could I be- I am facing an inexplicable demon and I have no clear finish line or path ahead. I watch close friends die from cancer-leaving behind families and friends. It happens. It can happen to me. Chances are it will.

But, in the meantime I have a lot of living to do.

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