A roller coaster of emotions… ending with good news!

Today was an emotional day to say the least.  I spent the morning with Bennett in his kindergarten class, just sitting in wonder of the little miracle who I felt kick inside me the first time I heard the words, “you have cancer.”  So filled with joy to see the kind, smart, witty little boy he has become.

Then, I went to say farewell to my friend Sandra.   It was hard to look at the smiling pictures of her throughout her life and listen to people talk about how unfair this disease is and how quickly it spread throughout her body. As my body trembled I focused on the example she was to me and so many others about living each day to the fullest.

5359cbe9ac7ee94b30cdd137Then Jay and I went to my PET scan.   Luckily we have a dear friend who is a radiologist so we had our results quickly.   The scan revealed that there is NO PROGRESSION.   No new spots of cancer.   The spot in my sacrum is still there- which is to be expected.  But, no growth beyond this spot.

We are so happy to be blessed with this news.  We sat on our deck with a bottle of our favorite champagne and toasted today.  Today we laughed and celebrated this good news.  We don’t know what the future holds, but on this roller coaster I am learning you have to celebrate each moment of good news.

Now, back to life.  No more living in fear of this test or if each ache and pain I feel is a new tumor.   I have a lot of living to do and I hope the news from todays scan will bolster my resolve that I can live with this disease.   This new reality is crazy.  I will have another scan in 3 months.  We will monitor things closely.  I will continue with the treatment I am on – monthly injections of xgeva to strengthen my bones and daily medications to block the estrogen remaining in my body despite removing my ovaries.  Side effects are minimal and manageable.  Really the hardest for me has been the lack of energy – for those who know me, you know I am used to doing 100 things in a day.  But, I am adjusting.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouragement and positive juju today.  It was such a roller coaster, but I am so happy to say that today the ride ended on a high.  I hope I can share many more happy moments and good news with you!

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