my 4th pet scan in 2014… I have a glowing personality

On the crazy cycle of living with stage 4 breast cancer – tomorrow is a scan day.  I have a PET scan at 7:15am.   (deep breath. deep breath)

We are thankful for family friends (Charlotte & JC Stites and their family) who we can drop off two blurry eyed kids to at 6:45am and know they will be fed, loved and walked to school while we face another scan and whatever news it brings.  The boys are excited about this fun change in routine and we are rolling with it.  It also happens to be a “cancer awareness” day at school 547e79d6f02065285086d99bwhere kids can wear shirts supporting cancer organizations and show support for people they love.  In a reflection of how much our kids really do “get it” Wills decided he’d like to just wear his uniform.  “I don’t want to think about cancer either buddy,” I said, and explained that this was simply a nice way for our school to raise awareness for organizations like Hope Scarves and others helping support people with cancer. He said, “I still just want to wear my uniform.”  I get it Wills.  Bennett said he “wished he had a bomb that would blow up the cancer.” “I would just prick your finger and you’d just bleed one drop of blood, but I would shoot a bomb under your skin and it would find the cancer and blow it up without hurting you.”  If only Bennett.  If only!!

As with each turn of the scan-treat-repeat merry go round we appreciate your thoughts, prayers, good juju & positive energy tomorrow morning as I lay in that buzzing tube and then as we wait for the test results.  I am feeling good and hoping for more good news of stable disease or even better yet… no evidence of disease!  But, we are also prepared to face news of progression with the same determination and hope that we face each step of this journey.

Living life with stage IV metastatic breast cancer is slowly becoming our new normal and we are thankful for your support, encouragement and love along the way.

with hope,

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