Another good day!

The appointment to set things up for radiation went smoothly today. Everyone was so kind and tried to 52d751cc8b5cd34a13cacf3dmake the experience as pleasant as possible. I was even able to crack a couple jokes as they wrote with sharpies on my tush (to get me lined up for radiation treatments). (Hope College girls can especially laugh at that one!) Jay and I went over the calendar for the next month and I think he finally gets why I am always running around half crazy. Jay has been a rock star taking over both daddy and mommy jobs. And thanks to all our friends who are helping shuttle Mac boys around and having fun. Spent some time at Hope Scarves today too. Erica is holding down the fort magnificently and several amazing friends have volunteered to help with administrative jobs. I am so thankful to have their support. If you have made a donation to hope scarves in the past couple weeks. I promise you will receive a thank you letter soon! Our scarf requests are up for the week just based on more people learning about the organization. I am so humbled that my diagnosis has already meant more people are supported by our mission. We meet with my medical oncologist Dr. Williams tomorrow morning to put all the pieces together and make a plan. If all goes smoothly I will have my first radiation treatment tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow will be a big step toward getting rid of this tumor. I am so ready. With hope, Lara

Founder Lara MacGregor Facing New Battle with Cancer

Hope Scarves was built on the fundamental power of storytelling. For the past two years we have asked cancer survivors to share with us their stories of determination, perseverance, and faith. These stories weave a network of hope, connecting women across the United States in a shared journey of battling cancer, allowing them to find strength in one another and beauty in the scarves they share.

Today, it is with a heavy heart that we share with you the next chapter in Hope Scarves founder, Lara MacGregor’s story. Lara was recently diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that has spread to her bones. Her next few weeks will be filled with testing and doctor’s appointments as she better understands the implications of this diagnosis and treatment plans that will follow. Lara is setting up a personal Caring Bridge Page so that anyone touched by Hope Scarves can follow her health and treatment.

Lara’s story is only beginning, and this new chapter will not be a final one for Hope Scarves. The mission of Hope Scarves and the important and powerful work of providing scarves and stories of hope to women facing cancer will continue. Lara is a woman of grace and strength, and her vision has inspired women across the country and everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting her. The Hope Scarves team is committed now more than ever to realizing the Hope Scarves mission and spreading the hope on even grander scales.

Lara is finding a great deal of strength and comfort in friends, family members, and the wonderful people she has met through Hope Scarves. She is incredibly grateful for your prayers and support and would like to leave you with this quote: “Once you choose hope anything is possible.”

Lara’s wish is that we continue to spread the hope. Please share your story of hope leave a comment of encouragement for Lara and her family here.

Check my noggin

I’m getting a brain scan before dawn this morning to make sure there isn’t any cancer. (I don’t have any 52d523ecac7ee9fd1209ff22symptoms- it’s more like a formality). hoping it doesn’t measure brain activity at 6:30am. (Yawn)

Brain scan is all clear!

I’m happy to share that my brain MRI didn’t show any sign of cancer!! We also had a good meeting with our radiation oncologist who will guide us through radiation treatments. I have another appointment with radiation tomorrow morning to get things “set up.” We are all optimistic radiation is going to do the trick to shrink the tumor, bring me relief from my pain and rid my body of cancer! What an amazing day of support it has been. It means so much to me for people from all over the country and many chapters in my life to reach out to us. Thank you to my Louisville friends for helping with the kiddos and helping with day to day things while also keeping us well fed for weeks! I am also so thankful for a college sorority sister I haven’t seen in over 15 years. Sage is an oncology counselor at an organization called life with cancer in fairfax Virginia. Her words and confident encouragement brought me so much peace tonight. It’s amazing how people weave in and out of your lives when we need them most. Thank you all for all your kind words and encouragement. I am determined to live up to all your comments about my strength and courage!

Checkin my noggin

I’m getting a brain scan before dawn this morning to make sure there isn’t any cancer. (I don’t have any symptoms- it’s more like a formality). hoping it doesn’t measure brain activity at 6:30am. (Yawn)