Snow day!

52df3ee08b5cd3a46b5aa243We enjoyed a ky snow day today (which is kind of comical to two Michiganders). It was nice to get a bonus day with the kids. Bennett and I completed a huge lego castle and wills and I read our books snuggling under the same blanket on the couch. Our dear neighbor, Paulette Cunningham, came over so jay and I could go to radiation treatment. She brought math games and a board game about animals. The boys loved it! I had a meeting with a couple Hope Scarves board members this afternoon to make a plan for our board meeting on Friday. I am honored to have board members so dedicated to the mission of hope scarves and my well being. I’m looking forward to our board meeting Friday to talk about short and long term plans for Hope Scarves. Thank you to everyone who has expressed support for me by sponsoring a scarf. This brings me so much joy! If you want to sponsor a scarf please visit our website. – click on support. We had a little Macgregor snowball fight this afternoon and a dance party while making dinner tonight. It’s really sweet to see how far my dear husband will go to make me laugh. We have such a precious family. Four radiation treatments down! Looking forward to my parents arrival tomorrow and knocking down radiation #5. Keep all the prayers, jokes, cards, hugs, carpool rides and support coming! It means so much! With hope, Lara

snuggles and sunshine

After an overwhelming week full of appointments we are enjoying some time to relax and just be together.52dc3ec7e9cb6a4071861639 Thanks to everyone who drove the kids around town, brought meals, shared gentle hugs, sent messages of encouragement and so much more. This week felt like a month! I am managing my pain and starting to make sense of things. 2 radiation treatments down and 10 to go. Every morning at 10am. Hopefully I feel more pain relief as the radiation shrinks the tumor. Happy Sunday, “funday” at our house! Lara


Met with our medical oncologist, dr. Williams, today and made a plan. The tumor is estrogen positive as 52d8347faf3d79b454aa4837we had hoped. This means it is indeed metastasized breast cancer and should be receptive to hormone therapy. It is a fast growing and active tumor so it’s good we moved quickly. Jay said, everything she does is “active and fast.” Ha-ha I will have 14 straight days of radiation (weekends off). I’m told the main side effect will be fatigue which could last a week or so after treatment as it is cumulative. The radiation team is great and apart from the uncomfortable positioning the radiation isn’t too rough. I will next look at additional means of limiting the estrogen in my body such as hormone therapy and removing my ovaries. They will follow me closely with scans these next 3 months to see if the cancer shows up elsewhere. I will simultaneously work on complimentary ways to keep this cancer at bay such as diet, exercise, reducing stress, etc… My doctor was very reassuring that this is treatable right now. There is not a cure for stage 4 metastatic breast cancer but there are lots of options to fight it and I’ve got a lot of fight in me! Our family is so moved by all the love, prayers and support we have received. We are so humbled by the response through Hope Scarves and the increase in traffic to our website and scarf requests. I am staring down cancer again and it is evil and scary. It fuels my motivation to fight and to build hope scarves to spread hope and encouragement to people facing this scary diagnosis. No one should do this alone. After our appointments and treatments jay and I went to one of my favorite lunch spots and celebrated with champagne. Cheers to love, hope, family, friends, faith, medicine, research, the future and so much more. With Hope Lara

My rock

52d6a8d8a689b463665879e8Jay and I are waiting for me to go back to get set up with radiation. As I sit here I am just so thankful to have him by my side. He is supportive, funny, helpful and optimistic. I am going to beat this because he and I have some big plans together.