Life is for Celebrating!

Life is for Celebrating.

There is something magical about making a toast. Pausing for a moment to share gratitude, honor an accomplishment, lift someone up. I love the tradition of looking each person in the eye as your glasses clink. Create connection, a moment to simply say, I see you.

It’s not about the glass being filled with alcohol. I remember when our oldest learned to drink from his own cup – we quickly also taught him to say, “cheers” before he sucked it down. I can still see him running around the kitchen, sippy cup extended to tap each person’s glass.

Since my metastatic breast cancer diagnosis in 2014 experiences became more precious. I love an excuse to celebrate big and small and spend time together. It’s this same sense of connection that led to our event Bites and Bubbles this Thursday, September 19th at The Champagnery. Gathering together to support each other, pause in reflection, celebrate and connect.

We’re celebrating living life over cancer. Living life over whatever obstacle you face. We’re celebrating our shared vulnerability and resiliency. It’s not about living a perfect or happy life. It’s about giving ourselves grace, falling down and getting back up. And especially finding hope in the midst of the fall.

If you are in Louisville,  we would be honored for you to  join us Thursday, September 19th from 7-9pm at The Champagnery (1764Frankfort Ave). We’ll gather for a short program and toast around 8pm. There is no cover charge or RSVP. You will have a chance to sponsor a scarf for $30 if you wish. Let’s connect, hug, celebrate and toast living a hopeful life!  If you can’t join us –  make a point to pause, propose a toast, look someone in the eye and create connection.  Toast your own unique and beautiful story.  Life is for celebrating!


Cheers –

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