Our Staff

Lara, Founder

The idea of Hope Scarves started as a way for Lara to live life over cancer, and it continues to fuel this passion. She has two sons (only one of which she is still taller than) and jokes that Hope Scarves is her third child. She loves to run, sail, and travel. Lara digs into storytelling and her personal experience facing cancer through My Hopeful Life, an extension of Hope Scarves that includes her film, speaking, blog and podcast.  As the Founder of Hope Scarves and Chief Hope Slinger, Lara focuses her energy on sharing the Hope Scarves story, building partnerships, and fundraising.


Anna Laura, Executive Director

Anna Laura joined our staff after years as a volunteer. As the Executive Director, she oversees the daily operations of Hope Scarves which includes staffing and programming, leading the Partnership Program, and donor management.  Anna Laura is married with two grown sons.  She enjoys gardening, reading, and spending time with family and friends.


Lisa, Administrative Support Coordinator

Lisa joined the Hope Scarves Team in 2021 as our Administrative Support Coordinator. She works with our team to manage program data, maintain donor correspondence, and assist with the daily operations of Hope Scarves. In her free time, she likes to read, cook, and spend time with her family and friends.


Katie, Connections Director

Katie started volunteering at Hope Scarves in the original spare bedroom office as a way to support her friend Lara- she was so good we hired her! Katie has three kids and loves glamping and tennis. As Connections Director, Katie leads the weekly personal & gift scarf program, incoming scarf donations & volunteer engagement, as well as manages programming materials and scarf inventory.


Robin, Connections Coordinator

Robin volunteered weekly for Hope Scarves for over three years – regularly bringing homemade treats and a warm smile to our studio.   When we regretfully suspended volunteers during the COVID pandemic we simply couldn’t do without her help, so we hired her!  She loves reading, flower design, renovation projects & spending time with her 7 grandkids.

At Hope Scarves she has hands her creative hands in everything from scarf collection, story editing and scarf fulfillment.  She is always willing to step up and help with any project or task.


Cari, Partnership Coordinator

Cari also started as a Hope Scarves volunteer helping with events and adding her creative touch to some of our merchandise.  Cari now steps into a new role as Partnership Coordinator assisting with both the Hope Scarves Partnership and Ambassador Programs.  She builds relationships with current and emerging partners & ambassadors and also facilitates partnership scarf fulfillment and promo kit distribution.  Cari is married with two daughters, both active in school and sports.  Cari loves to spend time back in her home state of Wisconsin with her family and friends.


Nanette, Accounting Coordinator

Nanette spends her time with us helping add up our donations and managing our expenses. After years of doing the same for her family jewelry business, we are grateful she found a little extra time to share her talents to support Hope Scarves.   Nanette has 2 daughters and 2 sons and enjoys her busy life as the family’s schedule coordinator and taxi service.  When she finds extra time she volunteers for many different groups at her church and her children’s schools.


Lauren, Communications Manager

Lauren joined our team in 2020 as our summer intern, which soon turned into a position on our staff.  As Communications Manager, she oversees the Hope Scarves social media presence and assists with graphic design projects and campaigns. Lauren is a senior at Murray State University on track to graduate with a degree in Graphic Design and Marketing.  She enjoys Louisville City soccer games, tacos, houseplants, and spending time with family and friends.


Katie – Terminally Joyful

Katie lives her life through a joy lens.  Not because her life is perfect.  But because it is fragile and precious.  As a metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patient she lives with immense uncertainty and the prospect of never ending treatments. Yet she isn’t letting this drag her into darkness.  She chooses to live her life […]

Hope Scarves Founder, Lara MacGregor launched My Hopeful Life as an extension of Hope Scarves in 2020.  This initiative, rooted in her personal story, started with her widely followed blog, My Hopeful Life.  And now includes a film, podcast, speaking engagements and one day, a book.   Living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer has given Lara a unique perspective on facing uncertainty, grounding oneself in gratitude and embracing each day.  Her vision & dedication to Hope Scarves is a powerful force for good in the world.   Follow along with My Hopeful Life as she expands the way we cultivate hope.