Return Your Hope Scarf

We are grateful this Hope Scarf is part of your experience facing cancer. Passing it on is just as special as receiving it & wearing it. We hope that by returning and adding your story you can reflect on your experience and share words of encouragement for the next person to wear it. If you have other scarves, please donate those as well so they can also carry your story.

Scarves can be mailed to

Hope Scarves
141 N. Sherrin Avenue
Suite #101
Louisville KY 40207

Be sure to include your name and contact information with your scarves so we can match your scarves to your story. Once received your scarves will be professionally cleaned by Highland Cleaners in preparation for their continued journey.

If you would like a printable pre-paid mailing label please click here.

If you do not have print capabilities but would like a pre-paid label please email Erica.

Christina is crafty, caring and dedicated to helping others – all while facing a rare form of breast cancer (Metaplastic).  Her thoughts on “dropping anchor” to weather the storm touched us all.

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