Tammi – Texas

This year, we will begin featuring stories from our collection as our monthly Faces of Hope. These stories show the common experience shared by people facing cancer, but they also illustrate the highly personal nature of storytelling, reflecting the unique thoughts, feelings, and language of their authors. By sharing these stories here, we hope their […]

$25 on the 9

January 9th came and went and I never checked up. Didn’t even cross my mind that 4 years ago to the day our world was rocked with the news that breast cancer spread to my bones after nearly 7 years “cancer free.” I became a metastatic breast cancer (MBC) patient. A diagnosis with treatment options, […]

Fun things happening!

I am touched to have been nominated to Today’s Woman’s Most Admired Woman Award in the non-profit category. Asking for votes for something like this is hard for me, but after encouragement from folks around the office – I am shooting off a quick blog post with the link if you’d like to vote.  Voting ends […]