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I was there…

I had the incredible opportunity to unplug from cancer and the demands of “real life” for 2 months this summer.  As I reflect on this time, which seemed to pass in the blink of an eye, I am filled with gratitude… with a thin lining of sadness. As I drive south toward home, tears stream down my […]

summertime freedom

We are deep into our summer vacation… from cancer. Our fun started with a family trip to Montana to explore this year’s National Park, Glacier. Then, 5 days “beyond all roads” at a remote ranch where the north and south fork of the Sun River meet. Literally 10 miles from the closest road, you only access […]

Connection Fuels the Soul

I had the honor of being named Citizen Laureate 2017 by the Younger Women’s Club of Louisville earlier this week. I’m incredibly touched to be recognized in this way.  But what struck me more than anything during this fun night of bubbles and laughter – was the tireless dedication of Louisville’s non-profit community. During the […]

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