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feeling good!

Just wanted to send out a quick update as I sit in my quiet home this evening.  Jay and Wills are at soccer practice and my parents are with Bennett at basketball practice.  I am so thankful for the extra help so I can quietly relax. (Which doesn’t come easily to me!) I’m feeling a little […]

Friend Friday

I was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer two weeks ago on Friday January 10th. It seems like 2 months ago. So much has changed in such a short period of time. That Friday an army of friends equipped with soups, salads, flowers, wine and hugs showed up at our house. (A couple came […]

Snow day!

We enjoyed a ky snow day today (which is kind of comical to two Michiganders). It was nice to get a bonus day with the kids. Bennett and I completed a huge lego castle and wills and I read our books snuggling under the same blanket on the couch. Our dear neighbor, Paulette Cunningham, came […]

snuggles and sunshine

After an overwhelming week full of appointments we are enjoying some time to relax and just be together. Thanks to everyone who drove the kids around town, brought meals, shared gentle hugs, sent messages of encouragement and so much more. This week felt like a month! I am managing my pain and starting to make […]

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