Mission Statement

The mission of Hope Scarves is to share scarves, stories and hope with people facing cancer.

Whether you are a patient, a survivor or have a loved one facing cancer, Hope Scarves can be a resource.

  • A patient can request a Hope Scarf at no cost. This scarf and story Is both an inspirational and practical resource during treatment. (link to personal scarf request)
  • A survivor can share her story and scarves to encourage someone else. If you have a story to share but no scarves your story will be matched with a community scarf.  Encouraging someone else is a meaningful way to shine and connect, rising above and living beyond cancer.  You can share your story and scarves at any point that feels right to you.  (link to donate scarf)
  • If you have a loved one facing cancer, sending a Hope Scarf is a meaningful way to show you care. You can even include a personal message. (link to gift scarf request)