Facing cancer is hard.   Right now cancer patients are faced with increased stress, isolation & fear as they face cancer during a global pandemic.

Hope Scarves is doing our part to help. We have set a goal to double our weekly Hope Scarf distribution to 100 scarves.  Request a scarf for yourself  or Send a Hope Scarf to someone you know in treatmentShare your survivor story or donate scarves to our collection. (Each scarf is professionally cleaned when received.)  Spread the word about our program so more patients learn about this resource.

As the world braces for the economic impact of the pandemic, Hope Scarves is too.  Significant fundraising events have been canceled and our donations drastically reduced – yet we are committed more than ever to support patients.  So, we created a new giving program for donors to ensure the sustainability of our program with a simple recurring monthly scarf sponsorship of just $30.

Our goal is 400 recurring monthly donors – matching our goal of sending 400 scarves/month.

Each time a woman wears her Hope Scarf or holds it in her hands she knows she is not alone.  More than 15,000 Hope Scarves circle the globe- colorful representations of our shared story, dedication to research and hope to live life over cancer.  Hope isn’t Canceled.