Faces of Hope

Face of Hope, May 2013 – Amy (Goshen, KY)

How did you become connected with Hope Scarves? I met Lara at a Young Survivors support group in Louisville. She told me about her organization and sent me a scarf a week later. My scarf was worn by Lara and two other women during their treatment. I instantly felt a connection with Lara and Hope […]

Faces of Hope - Roberta - Pittsburgh PA

Roberta – Pittsburgh, PA

How did you become connected with Hope Scarves? I met Lara, the founder of Hope Scarves during a conference in Dallas held for young women with breast cancer. I was in the middle of treatment and wearing my wig. I met Lara on our lunch break and she shared her journey with me. She showed […]

Two new reasons to be hopeful!

Hope Scarves sends a big congrats to Roberta and her family! Roberta was the very first person to receive a scarf from Lara in 2009 while battling breast cancer. This friendship set in motion the idea that would become Hope Scarves. Today Roberta has two new reasons to be hopeful! So do we all!

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