Faces of Hope

Meet Iffat Zahra

Iffat is 30 years old and facing Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer.  She lives her life over cancer by doing things that help others.  So there is no doubt why she is described by her friends as being courageous and kind-hearted. Iffat became connected to Hope Scarves when she read the story that traveled with […]

Dan – Outrunning Cancer

Dan participates in Outrunning Cancer to raise money and awareness for MBC research, to support those in the fight, and to be a part of something bigger than himself. “So many good memories. I enjoyed the competitive fundraising banter with Lara’s friends from home, the pasta dinner was always great, and riding around in a […]

Team F3 – Outrunning Cancer

Dan joined Outrunning Cancer in 2015 when his wife Allison was diagnosed. Then he organized an F3 Outrunning Cancer team for the 2018 run. 15 men formed 3 teams to complete the Marathon relay, carrying an American Flag and a Hope Scarves Flag for the whole 26.2 miles. They might be a little crazy, but […]