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Join the largest team in the KY Derby Festival and make your miles truly meaningful.  You can run (or walk!) the marathon as a relay with 5 people or complete the mini or full marathon individually. This year, if you aren’t running the KDF marathon you can run or walk wherever you are on April 25th as part of our Coast to Coast team!  Over the past 6 years 510 runners have raised over $350,000 for Hope Scarves. This year our goal  is $60,000 and 100 runners/walkers. Click here to learn more!

Jamie – California

This year, we will begin featuring stories from our collection as our monthly Faces of Hope. These stories show the common experience shared by people facing cancer, but they also illustrate the highly personal nature of storytelling, reflecting the unique thoughts, feelings, and language of their authors. By sharing these stories here, we hope their […]

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Passing of time... the days to come

The dawn of this new day also brings the start of a new year…

Gratitude changes everything

Some days are hard.  Really hard.  But even on these days…

Growing older is a gift.

Today, I turn 43. While some cringe at the idea of growing…